Tapas at Bar Iberico Nottingham Review


After a busy bank holiday weekend, my girlfriend and I arrived back in Nottingham and, having taken a brief break from eating chocolate, decided to venture out into the city centre to find some food.

I’d heard a lot of very good things about Iberico World Service restaurant, which is located at the newly re-opened National Justice Musuem, but I’ve never managed to visit it myself. So I was excited to try out their new bar/restaurant.

Located on one of the main streets in bustling Hockley, step through the doors and you’re instantly transported into a trendy Spanish tavern.

Restaurant style tables are spread around the bar, but you can also grab a stool at the spacious bar for an extra authentic tapas experience. This also gives you a great vantage point to relax, while watching the chefs skimming off wafer thin slices of quality ham, or sawing through thick loaves of sourdough.

Similar to nearby Baresca, a fantastic value menu lets you sample some of the best dishes if you visit during off-peak hours. It runs until 6:45pm in the week, and promises bread and dip, followed by two tapas dishes from the menu – all for £9.95.

Of course, tapas is meant to be shared, so you’re sure to mix and match, and can try out a range of dishes during your meal. You can also add some nibbles or a couple of extra tapas if you’re feeling extra peckish.

Personally, I can’t resist a good croqueta, so we ordered a couple of the delicious cheesy wonders, while narrowing down our tapas choices from the menu, and washing them down with some Spanish vino.


Soon, dishes were flying out of the kitchen, and we were sampling chorizo soaked in rich red wine sauce, and flavourful mini skewers of tender beef.

With smoky paprika coated chips – dished up with a big bowl of garlicy allioli – and some fresh market fish to round things off – we sat back having enjoyed a varied, mouthwatering Spanish feast.

Sitting at the bar meant we had a great view of the kitchens, which added to the atmosphere, but it did leave me regularly feeling a bit jealous watching some of the other delicious dishes being prepared – particularly the flatbreads, which were emerging from the roaring pizza oven.

The excellent selection of restaurants in Nottingham seems to be constantly improving, and with superb new additions like this offering quality food and a great experience, we truly are spoiled for choice.

Posted on 20 April 2017

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