Start the day right with an American breakfast at Annie’s Burger Shack

Annie's Burger Shack

Ordinarily, there’s only one 9 o’clock on a Saturday for me and that’s strictly of the p.m variety however, the temptation to try an Annie’s breakfast proved too great, so I found myself bleary eyed wandering through the Lace Market very early on a Saturday morning.

Annie’s innovative and astonishing burgers almost deserve Nottingham legend status already so how might they keep the creativity going with their new breakfast offer I wondered as I was greeted by a delightfully friendly Annie’s team member and handed the menu.

This new menu, quite frankly, sent my head spinning and my mouth watering as I navigated my way around the United States of America via the Pacific North West, the South West, the South and New England. Annie’s has cleverly decided to focus on 4 areas of the USA to offer an authentic selection of breakfast delights, sure to satisfy even the most demanding savoury and sweet toothed diner. Appetites big and even bigger will surrender to the eclectic array of dishes plus there are lots of vegetarian options too.

So now my dilemma – should I build a pancake stack and if I do, do I go for whipped Annies Burger Shack 3cream, strawberry compote, blueberries, sliced bananas, chocolate chips or chocolate sauce? I am partial to a delicious omelette (can’t seem to master making an omelette myself!) but after narrowing my options down, I couldn’t choose between a Greek omelette (spinach and feta) or smoked salmon and cream cheese omelette, so I headed off to New England. I really wish I’d tried the crab cake benedict with home fries – I almost did – and briefly hovered over the Pacific Northwest’s stuffed French toast with sausage and strawberry compote. I’ve never had Huevos Rancheros – a combination of eggs, tomatoes, pepper and chilli usually served with tortillas – think that might be on my ‘to do’ list in future and I can think of a few friends who might go for the Southwest’s Wagon Hash (corned beef) with 2 eggs. I’m not a grits kind of girl so parked the South’s options after deciding that I wanted something savoury (no waffles with maple syrup for me).

The decision was made and whilst I waited for my Blue Plate Special to arrive, I drank several cups of tea and glasses of fruit juice and looked back over the menu, salivating over the ones that got away. As my breakfast was placed in front of me, I was delighted to see that my request for extra crispy bacon had been followed and my knife and fork hungrily got to work. I’d chosen 2 eggs sunny side up, deliciously crispy bacon, hash browns the size of a small omelette and warm buttered toast – lots of warm buttered toast! I’m ashamed to admit the speed with which I ate my breakfast, only stopping occasionally to swivel my head around as someone else’s breakfast wafted past me – yes, people really were ordering steak ‘n gravy for breakfast!

Judging by how busy the restaurant was, it seemed like lots of people had ditched the cereal and toast at home and decided to start the day Annie’s style. They tell me that they’re hoping to offer breakfasts Friday-Sunday – I’m on red alert in case there’s a Friday take away option introduced.

So to all Nottingham’s lovely residents and visitors looking for breakfast with personality and style, I say give Annie’s a try. Their burgers are no longer Nottingham’s best kept secret and I suspect their breakfasts won’t be for much longer either.

To find out what’s on the menu at Annie’s and to book your table for breakfast, lunch or dinner, head over to their website.

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