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Everyone has days when they’re not sure what we fancy for dinner and on Wednesday last week that’s exactly how I felt after I left the office. I couldn’t make up my mind whether I felt like cooking and if I did, what I wanted to cook.

After some deliberations me and my date decided to head to Cosmo knowing that we’ll be spoilt for choice with a selection of fresh food under one roof. I’m a huge Japanese food fan and Cosmo is famous for their teppanyaki chefs, as well as a selection of delicious sushi. We were both excited to mix and match our favourite dishes from around the world.

We arrived at Cosmo just after 6pm, ready for our meal. The venue was quite busy for a Wednesday evening, the staff were serving guests and the dinner sitting was in full swing. We were greeted by a friendly staff member and showed to our table. They had some window tables available so we happily accepted one of them – there’s nothing better than a table with a view. Then we were asked about our drink choices and presented a range of discounts that Cosmo is currently offering. I couldn’t believe that there’s so many great offers available.

You get a 10% discount if you’re a part of emergency services and armed forces, if you work for NHS, if you’re a student, if you’re military, army, navy & RAF, and finally if you’re part of police, fire brigade, coast guard or prison service. But that’s not all, all seniors get 15% off food and if you want to treat your family to a meal on Tuesday the kids will get their meals for just £1. Other than taking advantage of those great offers you can also join their loyalty card and enjoy a selection of great discounts and member perks. They’ve got something for everyone and I am not just saying that. There are some terms and conditions to those offers so to save you time looking here’s the link to Cosmo’s website where they host all their offersalong with the terms and conditions.

staterMy meal at Cosmo consisted of a well balanced mix of Japanese and Chinese starters followed by some delicious Indian mains. I had some chicken biryani, a freshly prepared garlic naan with some delicious chicken tikka masala. The chefs in each international station are really helpful if you’re undecided what to have. They are also always happy to prepare fresh dishes for you, so don’t be shy – just ask.

After a starter and a main course I was too full to have a proper dessert but I couldn’t deny a delicious ice cream cone.

We had a great meal, perfect for days when you’re undecided what you fancy as at Cosmo you can get a bit of everything, which is great. Thank you for having us Cosmo!

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