A visit to Zaap Thai Nottingham


A Friday night spent with my friend Emily from Leicester called for a meal out somewhere quick and delicious in the city centre. After working up an appetite over a very nice glass of Pinot Noir at Veeno, we headed to Zapp on Maid Marian Way.

The wintery November nights meant that it was already dark outside by the time we headed over, but Zaap looked very inviting, with its colourful lighting glowing through the restaurant’s glass front.

The staff were incredibly welcoming, greeting us with wide smiles as soon as we got through the door. Our table near the back of the restaurant gave us a great view of all of the whole venue – and put us in prime position for playing inside the Tuk Tuk! Zaap has become my go to eating spot.

I went for the fried tofu with stir fried Spring Greens. The oyster sauce can be swapped for a vegetarian dressing and is still deliciously tasty. I also got a lovely jasmine tea which kept me warm throughout the whole meal – perfect for a winter evening. My friend on the other hand went for vegetarian Gyoza – Japanese style fried dumpling with vegetable filling. Not used to eating with chopsticks we faced the challenge and did quite well in the end.

We both really enjoyed our meal and had a great time at Zaap. The authentic taste of food really impressed us and we’re already looking forward to going back to try a bowl of delicious noodles.


Posted on 04 January 2017

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